The Importance of Euthanasia

Wednesday, May 09, 2018


Nature's Vein

  1. Birdathon 2019!
    04 Apr, 2019
    Birdathon 2019!
    The Payne County Audubon Societies annual fundraiser, Birdathon, is just around the corner! This year, PCAS is donating all the funds raised from this event to Nature’s Vein Wildlife Rescue for the construction of a desperately needed flight cage! What is Birdathon exactly? Well, it’s like a marathon for birders! You form a team and get a sponsor to pledge donations for your activities. PCAS really explains it best, check out their website HERE. We will be providing a special pendant for the
  2. 2018 Year In Review
    17 Jan, 2019
    2018 Year In Review
    Our second year in operation has been wonderful and exhausting and encouraging! We have grown across every spectrum and yet it never seems to be enough! Such is the life of a non-profit I suppose. I would like to clear up a few misconceptions I have encountered throughout the year… First and most importantly for us, is that we are NOT funded by any government agencies, state or local. We do not receive any sort of support from the Oklahoma department of wildlife or any federal wildlife agencies
  3. Help us get a permanent facility!
    13 Jan, 2019
    Help us get a permanent facility!
    We are finally making progress on acquiring a larger and, more importantly, permanent facility but we still need some help!  With this new facility we will be virtually unlimited in what we can take in! We will be able to provide better care for more animals than ever before. We will also finally be able to take on volunteers and host on site educational tours! Payne county needs a local rescue as badly as we need the help of the county. There are only two major rescue facilities in the state
  4. On the Topic of Rabies
    08 Jan, 2019
    On the Topic of Rabies
    I usually wait until spring, when mammals looking for love are more active and encountering people at a higher rate, to make a post about the risk of rabies. However, with the recent events of the bat found by my students and some of the responses I received because of it I figured now was probably an appropriate time. Since starting wildlife rehab, I have been researching and collecting data on the rabies virus in the US so that I may have a better ability to communicate its danger with the
  5. My Visit Home and My Love for SeaWorld
    14 Dec, 2018
    My Visit Home and My Love for SeaWorld
    This thanksgiving, I went home to Florida to visit my family. It was wonderful to see some of the birds and reptiles I love so much in subtropical wilds of Florida! and while I was there, I got to visit one of my favorite places in the world! SeaWorld! I grew up loving SeaWorld. When I was very young, we lived in San Antonio, Texas, basically down the road from the massive aquatic park and we visited relatively often. This was probably one of my first real inspirations for wanting to work
  6. End of Year Updates
    13 Dec, 2018
    End of Year Updates
    We're rounding out our second full year as a full established wildlife rescue so I am running the numbers as always! We had 24 educational presentations totaling over 50 hours! That's more than double last years shows! We had a total of 113 rescue intakes- unfortunately 18% of those where cases for immediate euthanasia :( but another 60% was released and is now living wild and free again! Had it not been for a mystery disease that struck all our opossums this year that number would be
  7. We're In The Paper!
    03 Sep, 2018
    We're In The Paper!
    Huge thanks to David Bitton and the Stillwater News Press for running this article about our work!  Check it out HERE!
  8. Can I Keep It?
    18 Aug, 2018
    Can I Keep It?
    Short answer- NO! Every year, every month, almost every day, we get calls from people who have found some animal and they want to take care of it themselves, keep it as a pet, or want to get it back after bringing it to us for care.  All of the above are not great ideas, sometimes unethical, and almost always illegal. The problem is that so many people simply do not understand why. WHY can’t you keep wildlife as pets? WHY must you have a license to take care of them as rescues? Well I am
  9. In Search of Land
    27 Jul, 2018
    In Search of Land
    Alright everyone! Many of you know that we are in the midst of an intense search for property that will give us the space and freedom to build a full rescue center. Being a non-profit organization with no income makes this a particularly difficult task but we are moving forward every chance we get. Many of you may NOT know that currently all of our rescue efforts take place within my own home, which is rented and less than desirable for this purpose. Building a rescue center would give us the